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Death penalty is now “inadmissible”

Gavel and a name plate with the engraving Death Penalty

The following is the Pope’s new “teaching” on the death penalty, from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

Recourse to the death penalty on the part of legitimate authority, following a fair trial, was long considered an appropriate response to the gravity of certain crimes and an acceptable, albeit extreme, means of safeguarding the common good.  Today, however, there is an increasing awareness that the dignity of the person is not lost even after the commission of very serious crimes. In addition, a new understanding has emerged of the significance of penal sanctions imposed by the state. Lastly, more effective systems of detention have been developed, which ensure the due protection of citizens but, at the same time, do not definitively deprive the guilty of the possibility of redemption. Consequently, the Church teaches, in the light of the Gospel, that “the death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person,” and she works with determination for its abolition worldwide.

Once again, the Pope attacks Church teaching, this time by calling the death penalty always “inadmissable.” It’s simply astounding that these Popes declare 2,000 years of Church teaching wrong.  On what authority?  None, because unjust laws are none at all.  Doctrine does not “develop” as if it has not been infallibly fixed, a requirement for every Catholic to believe & accept in order to call themselves a Catholic.  The man who sits on the Chair of Peter (presuming he does) is not Catholic in any way, shape or form.  You can beat around the bush all you want, but the facts are the facts & the proof is in the pudding, coming out of Rome on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis, going back decades.  Out of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Speaking of the heart…

Francis, what of the unborn children, who have their hearts & mouths ripped apart in their mother’s womb?  Is the dignity of their human life worth putting to death those who kill them?  Just asking.

And did not Christ subject Himself to capital punishment to redeem us?

Answer our questions, Francis. The Church isn’t your personal plaything to throw around & abuse. It’s the house of your children which you are to safeguard & protect.

I post the following, which the Church still teaches, despite what any heretic in Rome says to the contrary.  Taken from none other than the Catechism of the Council of Trent, which still holds true & binding on the faithful:

“Another kind of lawful slaying belongs to the civil authorities, to whom is entrusted power of life and death, by the legal and judicious exercise of which they punish the guilty and protect the innocent. The just use of this power, far from involving the crime of murder, is an act of paramount obedience to this [Fifth] Commandment which prohibits murder. The end of the [Fifth] Commandment is the preservation and security of human life. Now the punishments inflicted by the civil authority, which is the legitimate avenger of crime, naturally tend to this end, since they give security to life by repressing outrage and violence. Hence these words of David: In the morning I put to death all the wicked of the land, that I might cut off all the workers of iniquity from the city of the Lord.”


Ireland & Abortion

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These devils yelled to all the defenseless unborn babies, current & future: “Crucify them! Crucify them!” And the Bishops did nothing in their defense. The joke of a Pope that we have did nothing in their defense. Now Ireland only has to wait to face the wrath of God on their nation for turning their back on Him, not only in government & basic morality, but in the deathblow that the Faith has taken. As the Church goes so does the world proves true yet again.

It’s high time we prayed that another St. Patrick rises up to drive out the current snakes from Ireland.  This once Catholic Isle is now run down by those who want to destroy human life at any cost. Do we realize what must be in store for America, who spearheaded & began this slaughter of the innocents?

The Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has declared that even Catholic health facilities will have to perform abortions once the law legalizing voluntary termination of pregnancy comes into effect.

Playing with words, Leo Varadkar explained to Dáil Éireann, the Irish House of Deputies, that while the right to individual conscientious objection remains, this right cannot be applied in hospitals – Catholic or not – because they receive government funding: does that not come down to the same thing?

The two major Catholic hospitals in Dublin thus find themselves and their staff in the line of fire: the Mater-Hospital, run by the Sisters of Mary, and the St. Vincent Healthcare Group, directed by the Sisters of Charity.

It will not … be possible for publicly funded hospitals to opt out of providing these necessary services. I’m happy to give you that assurance,

declared the Prime Minister in answer to a Socialist deputy’s complaint about the Catholic Church’s control over many public institutions. A member of Fine Gael, a party of the progressivist center, the head of the government also happens to be a doctor.

With this new declaration from Leo Varadkar, the so-called right to abortion clearly reveals its implications: a liberticidal determination to keep Catholic health care professionals from acting as such. Catholic establishments have no other choice but to sacrifice government funding in order to continue caring for patients and avoid killing defenseless innocents.