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Our Lady – the Remedy


Peace will only be given to the Church and the world through the maternal intercession of Our Lady and the love of Her Immaculate Heart.  The Church must proclaim the vital importance of the Immaculate Heart in the salvation and sanctification of mankind by consecrating Russia to Her Immaculate Heart for world peace.

“And you, Venerable Brethren, – the more you have at heart the honor of Mary, and the welfare of human society, the more diligently apply yourselves to nourish the piety of the people towards the great Virgin, and to increase their confidence in her. We believe it to be part of the designs of Providence that, in these times of trial for the Church, the ancient devotion to the august Virgin should live and flourish amid the greatest part of the Christian world. May now the Christian nations, excited by Our exhortations, and inflamed by your appeals, seek the protection of Mary with an ardor growing greater day by day; let them cling more and more to the practice of the Rosary, to that devotion which our ancestors were in the habit of practicing, not only as an ever-ready remedy for their misfortunes, but as a whole badge of Christian piety. The heavenly Patroness of the human race will receive with joy these prayers and supplications, and will easily obtain that the good shall grow in virtue, and that the erring should return to salvation and repent; and that God who is the avenger of crime, moved to mercy and pity may deliver Christendom and civil society from all dangers, and restore to them peace so much desired.”   ~Pope Leo XIII, “Supremi Apostolatus Officio”, 1883 A.D.


Architectural beauty points to God


“Among the cares of the pastoral office, not only of this Supreme Chair, which We, though unworthy, occupy through the inscrutable dispositions of Providence, but of every local church, a leading one is without question that of maintaining and promoting the decorum of the House of God in which the august mysteries of religion are celebrated, and where the Christian people assemble to receive the grace of the Sacraments, to assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar, to adore the most august Sacrament of the Lord’s Body and to unite in the common prayer of the Church in the public and solemn liturgical offices. Nothing should have place, therefore, in the temple calculated to disturb or even merely to diminish the piety and devotion of the faithful, nothing that may give reasonable cause for disgust or scandal, nothing, above all, which directly offends the decorum and sanctity of the sacred functions and is thus unworthy of the House of Prayer and of the Majesty of God.”   ~Pope St. Pius X, “Inter Sollicitudines”


The horror of not knowing Jesus Christ


A meditation from the great Pope Leo XIII:

“The greatest of all misfortunes is never to have known Jesus Christ: yet such a state is free from the sin of obstinacy and ingratitude. But first to have known Him, and afterwards to deny or forget Him, is a crime so foul and so insane that it seems impossible for any man to be guilty of it. For Christ is the fountain-head of all good. Mankind can no more be saved without His power, than it could be redeemed without His mercy. ‘Neither is there salvation in any other. For there is no other name under heaven given to men whereby we must be saved’ (Acts iv, 12). What kind of life that is from which Jesus Christ, ‘the power of God and the wisdom of God,’ is excluded; what kind of morality and what manner of death are its consequences, can be clearly learnt from the example of nations deprived of the light of Christianity. If we but recall St. Paul’s description (Romans i., 24-32) of the mental blindness, the natural depravity, the monstrous superstitions and lusts of such peoples, our minds will be filled with horror and pity. What we here record is well enough known, but not sufficiently realized or thought about. Pride would not mislead, nor indifference enervate, so many minds, if the Divine mercies were more generally called to mind and if it were remembered from what an abyss Christ delivered mankind and to what a height He raised it. The human race, exiled and disinherited, had for ages been daily hurrying into ruin, involved in the terrible and numberless ills brought about by the sin of our first parents, nor was there any human hope of salvation, when Christ Our Lord came down as the Savior from Heaven.” (Pope Leo XIII, “Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus”, 1900 A.D.

External points to Eternal

Condemnation of the banality that is the Novus Ordo Mass:

“The proposition of the synod by which it shows itself eager to remove the cause through which, in part, there has been induced a forgetfulness of the principles relating to the order of the liturgy, “by recalling it (the liturgy) to a greater simplicity of rites, by expressing it in the vernacular language, by uttering it in a loud voice”; as if the present order of the liturgy, received and approved by the Church, had emanated in some part from the forgetfulness of the principles by which it should be regulated,–rash, offensive to pious ears, insulting to the Church, favorable to the charges of heretics against it.” ~Pope Pius VI

“And since the nature of man is such that he cannot without external means be raised easily to meditation on divine things, holy mother Church has instituted certain rites, namely, that some things in the mass be pronounced in a low tone and others in a louder tone. She has likewise, in accordance with apostolic discipline and tradition, made use of ceremonies, such as mystical blessings, lights, incense, vestments, and many other things of this kind, whereby both the majesty of so great a sacrifice might be emphasized and the minds of the faithful excited by those visible signs of religion and piety to the contemplation of those most sublime things which are hidden in this sacrifice.”   ~The Council of Trent

“These ceremonies which are used in the administration of the Sacraments, each of which we receive as delivered and entrusted to us through the hands of the fathers, must especially be retained and observed with great devotion.”   ~St. Peter Canisius

“That rule must be absolutely observed which states that, except for the most serious reasons and with the Apostolic See, no innovations are to be introduced into the holy rites of the liturgy.”   ~Pope Gregory XVI

“Beauty, like truth and goodness, is a reflection of the divine essence. The closer we come towards God, the closer we come to pure beauty, pure truth, and pure goodness. The Tridentine Mass [is] theocentric, it [is] focused not upon man but upon God. By consciously disassociating himself from his everyday life the ordinary worshipper sense[s] at least some intimations of immorality, however rudimentary.”    ~ Michael Davies

“And since it is fitting that holy things be administered in a holy manner, and this sacrifice is of all things the most holy, the Catholic Church, that it might be worthily and reverently offered and received, instituted the sacred canon many centuries ago, so free from all error, that it contains nothing in it which does not especially diffuse a certain sanctity and piety and raise up to God the minds of those who offer it. For this consists both of the words of God, and of the traditions of the apostles, and also of pious instructions of the holy Pontiffs.”   ~Council of Trent

“It would not be an exaggeration to describe this Missal as the most sublime product of Western civilization, more perfect in its balance, rich in its imagery, inspiring, consoling, instructive than even the most beautiful cathedral in Europe.”   ~ Michael Davies

“This rite of Mass gives the most perfect possible liturgical expression to the Eucharistic teaching of the Catholic Church”   ~Michael Davies

“To abandon a liturgical tradition which for four centuries stood as a sign and pledge of unity in worship, and to replace it with another liturgy which, due to the countless liberties it implicitly authorizes, cannot but be a sign of division – a liturgy which teems with insinuations or manifest errors against the integrity of the Catholic Faith – is, we feel bound in conscience to proclaim, an incalculable error.”   ~Cardinals Ottaviani & Bacci

The nature of God is such that he uses things of the senses to lead us to Him and things heavenly. Our Lord used a human body to reveal Himself to us and earthly things as matter for the Sacraments.  The solemnity of the Mass is a reflection of the Majesty of God, who is not earthly but heavenly and lives in the Kingdom of Heaven, with much solemnity and angels gathered around singing His praises for eternity.  To reduce the Catholic Religion to an earthly Protestant sect is to reduce God to the level of man and to strip Him of His glory.

~Damsel of the Faith

The Holy Catholic Church (Pt. 2)

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(Part I of this post here: https://damselofthefaith.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/the-holy-catholic-church-pt-1/.)

The Holy Church of God is our life, salvation and refuge, for without the Church one cannot be saved.  Our Lord willed it so.  Our Lord established His Church to continue His saving work.  He has given us the Sacraments to give us grace, the life of God in our soul, for salvation. We cannot be saved without the Sacraments.  Baptism frees us from the bonds of Satan, confirmation strengthens us in the fight for our souls and the Holy Eucharist sustains us, for we receive the very life of God in our souls when we received the Blessed Eucharist because it is truly God. Confession snatches us from the brink of hell and gives us strength to keep fighting against sin and the devil. The Catholic Church is a foretaste of Heaven and it is the way that leads us to God.  The Church is that ladder that we climb to attain Heaven. We must walk the path of prayer and penance, united with the Church, using the means She provides to help us in our fight with the world, the flesh and the devil.  Our Lord told us that nobody can come to the Father except through Him and nobody can go to Our Lord except through His Church because He established Her as the means of salvation.

Thus, one must always love the Church and do all in their power to defend Her honor for the Church is our Mother just as God is our Father.  She is under most bitter attack from enemies both outside and within, especially within.  The Modernists are the Church’s enemies, out to destroy Her very foundation, the Papacy, Her soul, the Holy Eucharist and the Mass, and Her beauty, the precious traditions and disciplines that have been passed down for generations. Everything that makes up the Church is all for the good of souls. If the Church is wrong now then She was wrong in past generations and everything that She knew and practiced was all for naught.  All of the greatness and majesty of the Church is for the greater glory of God, not for some sentimental nostalgic purpose, as many are wont to say today.

We can’t say we haven’t been warned about the current crisis afflicting the Church of Christ.  The Popes have wanted us repeatedly since the “Enlightenment” and they strongly proclaimed that we must love the Church with all of our soul.  The Popes of past centuries have left us encyclicals, writings from Councils, etc. to help us.  To understand the True Faith today, what most go back to the unchangeable doctrine that was defined and set in stone.  We must know the Faith in order to keep the Faith, but this has been all but undermined and abandoned in favor of placating man.  The Churches and altars have been sacked, the Deposit of Faith undermined, the Holy Mass seized and tramped underfoot in favor of the worship of man.  The Church has so thoroughly been Protestantized and emptied of its divine content that now it appears to be heading towards a pan-Christian ecumenism where all are united under a One World Religion without doctrine, dogma or discipline.  Souls have been wandering around in the wilderness for 50 years, looking for a light to guide them or a morsel of bread to feed them and find nothing but stones.  Some have grown weary and given up the fight while others have been lukewarm and still others have completely apostasized from the Faith. How many souls have gone to Hell only God knows.

The main objective of my blog and my work here is to take up the sword of truth and slay evil, for that is our duty as the Church Militant.  We must speak up for the True Faith and defend the Church’s honor.  Enough of this “New Springtime” and “Civilization of love”!  The Church is forever ancient and new and never changes!   If what we have been taught and what we have observed for two millenia saved souls and produced countless Saints, then so can it today. The Catholic Faith must be fully restored in all of its glory so that souls can be saved and saints made.  This is the only reason we and the Church exist.

Yet, the Church remains the Spotless Bride of Christ.  She will be resurrected in the end and the whole Church and world will have the SSPX to thank for leading the restoration of the Catholic Church, with their captain, the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Speaking on the SSPX, we can say that they are one of the few bastions of Catholic orthodoxy left in the Church and the ones most viciously persecuted which only proves that they are of God for Our Lord told it to us beforehand when he said “Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you.” (Matt. 5:11). The SSPX accepts persecutions on account of the True Faith for they know that they can never err in adhering to the Faith that has always been believed and practiced.  Come hell, high water or unholy clergyman, they have never wavered and have fought as true solders of the Church Militant for that is what they truly are.  God raised these men up to defend His honor and glory before the whole Church when She was being attacked from within by the dreaded heresy of Modernism.  To this day, they continue to do so and remain bulwarks of the Church, non-compromising and ever faithful with a great love for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Priesthood, which is the reason for their very existence.  Let all the Hosts and Saints of Heaven rejoice at such a lofty sight, seeing the True Faith still being preserved and fought for during the most bitter Passion of Christ’s Church.

It is time for a Holy Crusade to take back what was lost! It’s time to rise up and defend the Catholic Church, unless we want to hear Our Lord ask us “Why did you not defend Me?”

Hear the Saints and Popes on the Holy Church:

“Now, it cannot be difficult to find out which is the true religion, if only it be sought with an earnest and unbiased mind; for proofs are abundant and striking. We have, for example, the fulfillment of prophecies, miracles in great numbers, the rapid spread of the faith in the midst of enemies and in face of overwhelming obstacles, the witness of the martyrs, and the like. From all these it is evident that the only true religion is the one established by Jesus Christ Himself, and which He committed to His Church to protect and to propagate. For the only-begotten Son of God established on earth a society which is called the Church, and to it He handed over the exalted and divine office which He had received from His Father, to be continued through the ages to come. ‘As the Father hath sent Me, I also send you.’ ‘Behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.’ Consequently, as Jesus Christ came into the world that men ‘might have life and have it more abundantly,’ so also has the Church for its aim and end the eternal salvation of souls, and hence it is so constituted as to open wide its arms to all mankind, unhampered by any limit of either time or place. ‘Preach ye the Gospel to every creature.’ Over this mighty multitude God has Himself set rulers with power to govern, and He has willed that one should be the head of all, and the chief and unerring teacher of truth, to whom He has given ‘the keys of the kingdom of heaven.’ ‘Feed My lambs, feed My sheep.’ ‘I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not.”   ~Pope Leo XIII, “Immortale Dei”, 1885 A.D.

“For nothing more glorious, nothing nobler, nothing surely more honorable can be imagined than to belong to the One, Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, in which we become members of one Body as venerable as it is unique; are guided by one supreme Head; are filled with one divine Spirit; are nourished during our earthly exile by one doctrine and one heavenly Bread, until at last we enter into the one, unending blessedness of heaven. But lest we be deceived by the angel of darkness who transforms himself into an angel of light, let this be the supreme law of our love: to love the Spouse of Christ as Christ willed her to be, and as He purchased her with His blood.”  ~Pope Pius XII, “Mystici Corporis Christi”, 1943 A.D.

“She is the entrance to life; all the others are thieves and robbers.”   ~St. Irenaeus of Lyons

“The first requirement of salvation is to keep the standard of the True Faith.”  ~Pope St. Adrian II

“In the Church, God has placed apostles, prophets and doctors, and all the other means through which the Spirit works; in all of which none have any part who do not conform to the Church. On the contrary, they defraud themselves of life by their wicked opinion and most wretched behavior. For where the Church is, there is the Spirit of God; and where the Spirit of God, there the Church and every grace. The Spirit, however, is the Truth.”  ~St. Irenaeus

“Our holy religion is not invented by human reason but mercifully revealed by God to men.”   ~Bl. Pope Pius IX

“The Bride of Christ cannot be defiled. She is inviolate and chaste. She knows but one home, and with a chaste modesty she guards the sanctity of one bedchamber. It is she that keeps us for God, she that seals for the kingdom the sons whom she bore. Whoever is separated from the Church and is joined to an adulteress is separated from the promises of the Church; nor will he that forsakes the Church attain to the rewards of Christ. He is an alien, a worldling, and an enemy. He cannot have God for his Father who does not have the Church for his Mother. If anyone outside the ark of Noah was able to escape, then perhaps someone outside the pale of the Church may escape.”   ~St. Cyprian

“We know that salvation belongs to the Church alone, and that no one can partake of Christ nor be saved outside the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith.”   ~St. John Chrysostom

“Now the holy Church universal proclaims that God cannot be truly worshipped saving within herself, asserting that all they that are without her shall never be saved.”   ~Pope St. Gregory the Great

“[The Church] alone has been given by God the mandate and the right to teach with authority.”   ~Pope Pius XI, “Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio”, 1922 A.D.

“The Church is the safe and sure guide to conscience, for to her safe-keeping alone there has been confided the doctrines and the promise of the assistance of Christ.”   ~Pope Pius XI, “Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio”, 1922 A.D.

“Separate a ray of the sun from its source of light, and its unity will not allow such a division of light. Break a branch from a tree; when broken, it will not be able to bud. Cut off the stream from its spring, and the stream will dry up. Thus also with the Church.”   ~St. Cyprian of Carthage

“It is clear that this Church [of Rome] is to all churches throughout the world as the head is to the members, and that whoever separates himself from it becomes an exile from the Christian religion.”  ~Pope St. Boniface I, 422 A.D.

“The Church has ever proved indestructible. Her persecutors have failed to destroy her; in fact, it was during times of persecution that the Church grew more and more; while the persecutors themselves, and those whom the Church would destroy, are the very ones who came to nothing… Again, errors have assailed her; but in fact, the greater number of errors that have arisen, the more has the truth been made manifest… Nor has the Church failed before the assaults of demons: for she is like a tower of refuge to all who fight against the devil.”  ~St. Thomas Aquinas

“Believe me, O man, there is no power like the power of the Church. Cease thy battling, lest thou lose thy strength; wage not war with heaven. When it is with man thou warrest, thou mayst win or lose; but when thy fighting is against the Church, it is impossible thou shouldst conquer, for God is above all in strength… If thou will not believe [Christ’s] word, believe facts. How many tyrants have sought to crush the Church? They had their gridirons and fiery furnaces, and wild beasts, and swords – and all failed. Where are those enemies now? Buried and forgotten. And the Church? Brighter than the sun. All they had is now past, but her riches are immortal. If the Christians conquered when they were but few in number, canst thou hope to vanquish them, now that the whole earth is filled with the holy religion? ‘Heaven and earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass.’ Wonder not at it; for the Church is dearer unto God than the very heavens. He took flesh not from heaven, but from his Church on earth; and heaven is for the Church, not the Church for heaven.”   ~St. John Chrysostom

“The true Church is also to be recognized from her origin, which can be traced back under the law of grace to the Apostles; for her doctrine is the truth not recently given, nor now first heard of, but delivered of old by the Apostles, and disseminated throughout the entire world. Hence no one can doubt that the impious opinions which heresy invents, opposed as they are to the doctrines taught by the Church from the days of the Apostles to the present time, are very different from the faith of the true Church.”   ~Catechism of the Council of Trent

“I will go peaceably and firmly to the Catholic Church: for if Faith is so important to our salvation, I will seek it where true Faith first began, see, it among those who received it from God Himself.”   ~St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

“But how many wonderful and shining proofs are ready at hand to convince the human reason in the clearest way that the religion of Christ is divine and that ‘the whole principle of our doctrines has taken root from the Lord of the heavens above’; therefore nothing exists more definite, more settled or more holy than our faith, which rests on the strongest foundations. This faith, which teaches for life and points towards salvation, which casts out all vices and is the fruitful mother and nurse of the virtues, has been established by the birth, life, death, resurrection, wisdom, wonders and prophecies of Christ Jesus, its divine author and perfector! Shining forth in all directions with the light of teaching from on high and enriched with the treasures of heavenly wealth, this faith grew famed and notable by the foretellings of so many prophets, the lustre of so many miracles, the steadfastness of so many martyrs, and the glory of so many saints! It made known the saving laws of Christ and, gaining in strength daily even when it was most cruelly persecuted, it made its way over the whole world by land and sea, from the sun’s rising to its setting, under the single standard of the Cross! The deceit of idols was cast down and the mist of errors was scattered. By the defeat of all kinds of enemies, this faith enlightened with divine knowledge all peoples, races and nations, no matter how barbarous and savage, or how different in character, morals, laws and ways of life. It brought them under the sweet yoke of Christ Himself by proclaiming peace and good tidings to all men! Now, surely all these events shine with such divine wisdom and power that anyone who considers them will easily understand that the Christian faith is the work of God. Human reason knows clearly from these striking and certain proofs that God is the author of this faith; therefore it is unable to advance further but should offer all obedience to this faith, casting aside completely every problem and hesitation. Human reason is convinced that it is God who has given everything the faith proposes to men for belief and behavior.” ~Pope Pius IX, “Qui Pluribus”, 1846 A.D.

Words cannot do our Holy Religion justice, but it is all we have to describe the great and awesome power of God in giving us the Catholic Church.

Love the Church always!  She is our Mother and Queen, our life and salvation.  Without Her, we would perish in the deluge of immorality.

Allow Her to lead you to Heaven where the crown of life awaits those who remained faithful to the True Faith in the midst of the gates of hell shaking the Church to its very foundations.

Long live the Holy Catholic Church and all of Her defenders, especially the Society of St. Pius X!

~Damsel of the Faith