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Our Lord’s words on His Incarnation

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The words of Our Lord to St. Bridget of Sweden, on the mystery of the incarnation and the descration & rejection of the Faith.

“I am the Creator of the heavens and the earth, one in Divinity with the Father and the Holy Spirit. I am the one who spoke to the patriarchs and the prophets and the one whom they awaited. For the sake of their longing and in agreement with my promise, I assumed flesh without sin and concupiscence, by entering the womb of the Virgin like the sun shining through the clearest gem. For just as the sun does not damage the glass by entering it, likewise the virginity of the Virgin was not lost when I assumed Manhood. I assumed flesh in such a way that I did not have to forsake my Divinity, and I was no less God – with the Father and the Holy Spirit, governing and upholding all things – although I was in the womb of the Virgin in my human nature. Just as brightness is never separated from fire, so too, my Divinity was never separated from my Humanity, not even in death.

Thereafter I allowed my pure and sinless body to be wounded from the foot to the head, and to be crucified for all the sins of mankind. That same body is now offered each day on the altar so that mankind might love me more and remember my great deeds more often. But now I am totally forgotten, neglected, despised, and expelled as a king is from his own kingdom and in whose place the most wicked robber has been elected and honored.

I have indeed wanted my kingdom to be within man, and by right I should be King and Lord over him, for I made him and redeemed him. However, now he has broken and desecrated the faith which he promised me in his baptism, and he has broken and spurned my laws and commandments which I prescribed and revealed to him. He loves his own will and refuses to hear me. In addition, he exalts the most wicked robber, the devil, above me and has given him his faith. The devil really is a robber, since he steals for himself, by way of evil temptations, bad councils, and false promises, the human soul that I redeemed with my blood. But he does not do this because he is mightier than me; for I am so mighty that I can do all things with a word, and so just, that even if all the saints asked me, I would not do the least thing against justice.

But, since man, who has been given free will, willfully rejects my commandments and obeys the devil, it is only right that he also experiences his tyranny and malice. This devil was created good by me, but fell by his own wicked will, and has become, so to speak, my servant for inflicting vengeance on the workers of evil.

Yet, even though I am now so despised, I am still so merciful that whoever prays for my mercy and humbles himself in amendment shall be forgiven his sins, and I shall save him from the evil robber – the devil. But to those who continue despising me, I shall visit my justice upon them, so that those hearing it will tremble, and those who feel it will say: “Woe, that we were ever conceived or born! Woe, that we ever provoked the Lord of majesty to wrath!”

But you, my daughter, whom I have chosen for myself, and with whom I now speak in spirit: love me with all your heart – not as you love your son or daughter or parents, but more than anything in the world – since I, who created you, did not spare any of my limbs in suffering for your sake! Yet, I love your soul so dearly that, rather than losing you, I would let myself be crucified again, if it were possible. Imitate my humility; for I, the King of glory and of angels, was clothed in ugly, wretched rags and stood naked at the pillar and heard all kinds of insults and ridicule with my own ears. Always prefer my will before your own, because my Mother, your Lady, has, from the beginning to the end, never wanted anything but what I wanted.

If you do this, then your heart shall be with my heart, and it will be inflamed by my love in the same way that anything dry becomes rapidly inflamed by fire. Your soul shall be so inflamed and filled with me, and I will be in you, so that everything worldly becomes bitter to you and all fleshly lusts like poison. You will rest in the arms of my Divinity, where no fleshly desires exist, but only spiritual delight and joy which fill the delighted soul with happiness – inwardly and outwardly – so that it thinks of nothing and desires nothing but the joy which it possesses. So love me alone, and you will have all the things you want, and you will have them in abundance. Is it not written that the oil of the widow did not decrease until the day the rain was sent to earth by God according to the words of the prophet? I am the true prophet! If you believe my words and follow and fulfill them, the oil – joy and jubilation – shall never decrease for you for all eternity.”


“They will sacreligiously defile the churches…”

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St. Bridget was a great mystic, Prophetess & Saint. She is the foundress of the Order of the Most Holy Saviour & was instrumental in Church reforms of convents, abbeys & religious orders of her day. God graces her with many visions & prophecies, which can be read here:

This particular one is poignant to our time, especially for the mention of the date. Read on:

The time of Antichrist will be near when the measure of injustice will overflow and when wickedness has grown to immense proportions, when Christians love heresies and the unjust trample underfoot the servants of God.

At the end of this age, the Antichrist will be born. As Christ was born from the highest type of womanhood (Virgin), so Antichrist will be born from the lowest (prostitute). He will be a child-wonder at birth. His mother will be an accursed woman, who will pretend to be well informed about spiritual things, and his father an accursed man, from the seed of whom the Devil shall form his work. The time of this Antichrist, well known to Me, will come when iniquity and impiety shall above measure abound, when injustice shall have filled the measure to overflowing, and wickedness shall have grown to immeasurable proportions.
It is not in the time described by the brother whose books, thou has seen. Before, however, Antichrist arrives, the gate of Faith will be opened to some nations, and Scripture shall be verified. People without intelligence will glorify Me, and deserts shall be inhabited. Hence, when many Christians will be lovers of heresies, and wicked men will persecute the clergy and trample spirituality and justice under foot, this should be the sign that Antichrist shall come without delay.”

Lastly, he shall arrive, the most wicked of men, and, helped by the Jews, he will fight against the whole world; he will reign during three years, and shall have dominion over the whole earth; he will make every effort to abolish from the earth the Christian name, and very many Christians shall be killed.”

In the year 1980 the wicked shall prevail; they will profane and sacreligiously defile the churches, by erecting in them altars to idols and to Antichrist, whom they will worship, and will attempt to force others to do the same.

Rome will be visited by sword and fire and plowed under.

Marie Julie Jahenny, the chastisement and the restoration of the Church

Prophecies of Marie Julie Jahenny.

Damsel of the Faith

Many mystics have prophesied the coming of the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope, who will both restore the Church and world after this revolution.  One such mystic, considered to be one of the greatest of all time, was the stigmatist, Marie Julie Jahenny of France.  She was chosen by Heaven to spread the love of the Cross, to make sacrifices and suffer for the salvation of sinners, to prepare the world for the chastisements, to warn the Church of the current crisis afflicting her and to announce the coming of the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope, who would both restore the Church and Christendom.  Monseigneur Fournier, the Bishop of Nantes, France declared all that happened to Marie-Julie was of a supernatural and divine origin.

The following visions, messages and prophecies are taken from the book “We are warned – The Prophecies of Marie Julie Jahenny” compiled, translated and edited by E.A…

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How much has changed in 200 years!

To hear these words spoken again by a holy Pope, with much more zeal and concern for the salvation of souls in this 21st century, a century full of heresy, apostasy and Modernism that has overrun the Catholic Church, is the hope of every Catholic that truly loves the Church.

“If ever those in charge of the Lord’s vineyard should be concerned about the salvation of souls, they must be so in this age especially. For many ideas aimed at weakening religion arise almost daily. When men are enticed by novelty and led on by an eagerness for alien knowledge, they come together more eagerly for this very purpose and more willingly embrace it. Wherefore, We lament that the destruction of souls is propagated more widely each day.

Accordingly you must work all the harder and exercise diligence and authority to repel this audacity and insanity which stalks even divine and most holy matters. Be confident that you will accomplish this by simplicity of sound doctrine and by the word of God which penetrates more than any two-edged sword. You will easily be able to contain the attack of enemies and blunt their weapons when in all your sermons you preach and present Jesus Christ crucified. By His own laws and institutions He founded and reenforced this holy city which is His Church. To it he entrusted, as it were, the deposit of faith in Him to be preserved piously and without contamination. He wished it to be the bulwark of His teaching and truth against which the gates of hell would never prevail.

We, therefore, the overseers and guardians of this holy city, must preserve the magnificent heritage of Our laws and faith which has been passed down intact to Us; We must transmit it pure and sound to our successors. If We direct all our actions to this norm found in sacred scripture and moreover cling to the footsteps of our ancestors, We will be best equipped to avoid whatever could weaken and destroy the faith of the Christian people and loosen in any way the unity of the Church.”

~Pope Clement XIV, Cum Summi (Proclaiming a Universal Jubilee, Encyclical, 1769


~Damsel of the Faith

Marie Julie Jahenny, the chastisement and the restoration of the Church

Many mystics have prophesied the coming of the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope, who will both restore the Church and world after this revolution.  One such mystic, considered to be one of the greatest of all time, was the stigmatist, Marie Julie Jahenny of France.  She was chosen by Heaven to spread the love of the Cross, to make sacrifices and suffer for the salvation of sinners, to prepare the world for the chastisements, to warn the Church of the current crisis afflicting her and to announce the coming of the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope, who would both restore the Church and Christendom.  Monseigneur Fournier, the Bishop of Nantes, France declared all that happened to Marie-Julie was of a supernatural and divine origin.

The following visions, messages and prophecies are taken from the book “We are warned – The Prophecies of Marie Julie Jahenny” compiled, translated and edited by E.A. Bucchianeri:

“Pray for the Supreme Pontiff! Despite the anger of disbelievers, despite everything, he will triumph. They will never have his life…”   ~Marie Julie Jahenny, January 9, 1874

“The Virgin told me much of France and the Holy Pontiff and had recommended three prayers for France to recite every day three times a day: a Magnificat, a Ave Maris Stella and a Stabat Mater. He (the Holy Pontiff) will throw himself on his knees, and beg her to cast her eyes to heaven. Our Lady will deliver him by a King who will save him and govern for a long time, and She said we do not ask enough for that King, (the Great Monarch) and we do not beg enough that he may be accorded to us. She named him Henry V, and recommended us to pray much to Saint Michael.  ~Marie Julie Jahenny, March 25, 1874

“The Blessed Virgin told me we have to pray much to deflect the evils that must fall upon France.  It will unfortunately atone for two centuries of  political and social system of atheism, two centuries of a non-Christian régime. Democracy is indeed the Luciferian régime par excellence.The sole régime of a divine origin never comes from below, but only from above. Without making a pun, let us say in its very name, recognizes that it is the devil that guides democracy: the devil is the master.”  ~Marie Julie Jahenny, April 20, 1874

“I will upset, I will overthrow the band of wicked and ungodly. I will triumph with the just and devout souls. Yes, I will confound the earth that I will bring to the feet of the just one, the man who is to rule the land of France.  The time is terrible, but I will protect you.”  ~Our Lady, May 23, 1874

“I wanted to give France a King whom she refused, but the one I want to give her, she will accept and she will ask for him and place him on her heart. But before she has this king, France will undergo a crisis and a violent storm. The blood of Christians will mingle with the blood of the impious.”   ~Our Lord, June 21, 1874

On the Great Monarch:

Marie-Julie: “I see Saint Louis in glory. Before he had a throne in the world, but today he has a throne in Heaven. He never sullied his throne.

“But since then,” says this good Saint Louis, “how many blasphemies, how many perjuries on this earthly throne! I come back to reconcile Heaven and earth.”

Marie Julie: “You will reconcile France with the Heart of Jesus.”

Saint Louis, (King of France): “I want France to abjure her errors. Mary Immaculate gives me power and grace. Through my prayers I will give France a new baptism and then I will re-establish her throne. I will bring her this beautiful palm to the centre of this throne and my brother in JesuChrist who will govern her will preserve his innocence and purity, and Jesus and Mary will bless him, will bless his charity and his great heroic faith!”  ~August 25, 1874

“Get out, France, from your grave and your coffin! Jesus Christ wants you to be reconciled with Heaven; get out and take back your faith, this beautiful virtue that has flourished so many times, abjure your errors and swear true faith in the Blessed Sacrament because It will reconcile you to Heaven. Mary Immaculate comes to tear her children from the abyss. Jesus Christ blesses you! O France! Jesus Christ cleanses you!  Jesus Christ forgives you, O France! Jesus Christ washes you of your iniquities.  Jesus Christ gave His blood for you, O France! Jesus Christ blesses you, O France! Jesus Christ wants to save you and give you this beautiful promise, this beautiful pearl of great price that He has reserved for you after many years (King Henry V). He will give you a crown of lilies after your thorns. The angels worship Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and pray that He gives us this beautiful crown. He also blesses the Holy Father.”   ~Marie Julie Jahenny, September 10, 1874

“In Heaven, Saint-Michael will be celebrating with the Sacred Heart, the triumph of the Holy Father and of the Church. He will defeat the enemies of France.”   ~Marie Julie Jahenny, September 1874

“My son, suffer with patience. (The Holy Pontiff to come). Soon I will bless your chains and get you out of great trials and thorns that invade you, because you will be wrapped in the lily (the King and the princes of the lily). My son, long enough have you lived in chains in the middle of slander and persecution, it is time I break these chains and I destroy the temple of the infidels that surround you. My son, here is My Heart that comes to save you from the hands of barbarians and will confound them all. I come to give you a most glorious throne where you will reign until your death.  My Divine Son will deliver you, but by me. My son, (The Holy Pontiff) be consoled, the time of your deliverance is near. Know that I will triumph in France before yours, (I.e, before the Papal City).”  ~Our Lady, December 6, 1874

“In Rome the storm will be the blackest. The storm of Rome is even worse than the storm in France. All the wrath of the ungodly is in Rome.  All the anger of the wicked is focused on the Holy See.”  ~Marie Julie Jahenny, December 6, 1874

“Marie-Julie saw Jesus Christ seated on a resplendent throne. Near Him, was His Mother.  France presents herself all dressed in white and lilies. She is already crowned, but not yet with the Great Crown which will be given her only at the time of her salvation. From her heart issued the lily that Jesus Christ had placed. She was covered in flowers.  Amongst these flowers was one which shone more and was more dazzling. France climbed the steps to the throne. Our Lady was praying, smiling and weeping! Her Divine Son then cries out He is conquered, that He cannot resist, that He forgets and forgives: “From now on it is up to thee, My Mother, to thee alone, to command and fix the hour of the Victory of thy beloved Daughter!” And taking from His Heart a drop of Blood and a tear from the eyes of Our Lady, He placed this mysterious mixture in the big flower of the heart of France. At the right of the throne the Pope (The Holy Pontiff to come) was kneeling. Jesus Christ calls him and names him “His dear son.”  He makes him climb next to Him, then He says to him: “You have suffered enough, it is time you were consoled and that your enemies disappear so that your glory reigns sovereign in the universe.” The Pope in tears and presseagainst the Heart of his Master, exclaims he does not merit such a reward, that he is unworthy of such splendour.   At the left of the Throne was the King. He climbs in his turn, but a little less high than the Pope, and he too receives the divine promises. He is the beloved son of the Virgin and he will reign with his flag, symbol of purity and glory. (That is to say, the white flag with lilies.)  Meanwhile, all the great saints who protect France were hovering around. In the first row Saint Michael, in his armour, seemed to be waiting proudly the hour of battle against evil.  The chastisements will begin with Paris.”  ~May 24, 1875

Vision of the King:

“The King is brought by Our Lady, who will love him as her Son because of his innocence.  He appears as Sovereign, crowned in grandeur in the shadow of the folds of his flag.   After awhile,the scene changed and was completed.   France follows her Legitimate Head, walks resting on the Heart of the Virgin and her small crown changes into a diadem of victory. The Sacred Heart joins Mary to assure her of His Love and to announce once again that He would conquer His enemies with unequalled triumph. “France is saved!” Marie-Julie keeps repeating. The good friends of the Sacred Heart are grouped in large crowds behind France, preceded by all the Saints who protect the Eldest Daughter of the Church.”   ~June 25, 1875

“From My Divine Heart will come the triumph of France and the salvation of the Holy Church.”   ~October 27, 1875

“The triumph of the living will be beautiful,” said Saint Michael, “when the Holy Church, now surrounded by thorns, will be surrounded by a wreath of golden lilies. The defenders of the faith will be covered by the protection of heaven.”  ~September 18, 1877

“My Father, My zealous apostles, My priests, will have a share of consolation, however, they will suffer since they are the pillars of the Church. But woe to him who will mount the altar with a conscience veiled, woe to him whose heart will be one fibre to the right and the other to the left!”  ~Our Lord, March 19, 1878

 May Our Lord and Our Lady hasten the day of the restoration of the Church, ushered in by the Holy Pope, who will be flanked by the Great Monarch.

~Damsel of the Faith

Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions on the Church

Again I saw St. Peter’s with its lofty cupola on whose top stood Michael shining with light.  He wore a blood-red robe, a great banner in his hand.  A desperate struggle was going on below – green and blue combatants against white, and over the latter, who seemed to be worsted, appeared a fiery blood red sword.  None knew they they fought.  The church was all red like the angel, and I was told that it would be bathed in blood.  The longer the combat lasted, the paler grew the color of the Church, the more transparent it became.  Then the angel descended and approached the white troops.  I saw him several times in front of them.  Their courage was wonderfully aroused, they knew not why or how, and how the angel struck right and left among the enemy who fled in all directions. Then the fiery sword over the victorious whites disappeared.  During the engagement the enemy’s troops kept constantly deserting to the other side; once they went in great numbers.  

Numbers of saints hovered in the air over the combatants, pointing out what was to be done, making signs with the hand, etc., all different, but impelled by one spirit.  When the angel had descended, I beheld above him a great shining cross in the heavens.  On it hung the Saviour from whose wounds shot brilliant rays over the whole earth.  These glorious wounds were red like resplendent doorways, their center golden-yellow like the sun.  He wore no crown of thorns, but from all the wounds of His head streamed rays.  Those from His hands, feet, and side were fine as hair and shone with rainbow colors; sometimes they all united and fell upon villages, cities, and houses throughout the world.  I saw them here and there, far and near, falling upon the dying, and the soul entering by the colored rays into the Saviour’s wounds. The rays from the side spread over the Church like a mighty current lighting up every part of it; and I saw that the greater number of souls enter into the Lord by these glittering streams.  I saw also a shining red heart floating in the air.  From one side flowed a current of white light to the Wound of the sacred side, and from the other a second current fell upon the Church in many regions; its rays attracted numerous souls who, by the Heart and the current of light, entered into the side of Jesus.  I was told that this is the Heart of Mary.  Besides these rays, I saw from all the wounds about thirty ladders let down to the earth, some of which, however, did not reach it.  They were not all alike but narrow and broad, with large and small rounds, some standing alone, others together. Their color corresponded to the purification of the soul, first dark, then clearer, then gray, and, at last, brighter and brighter.  I saw souls painfully climbing up. Some mounted quickly, as if helped from above, others pressed forward eagerly but slipped back upon the lower rounds, while others fell back entirely into the darkness.  Their eager and painful efforts were quite pitiful.  It seemed as if they who mounted easily as if helped by others, were in closer communication with the Church.  I saw, too, many souls of those that fell on the battlefield taking the path leading into the body of the Lord.  Behind the cross, far back in the sky, I saw multitudes of pictures representing the preparation begun ages ago for the work of Redemption.  But I cannot describe it.  It looked like the stations of the way of Divine Grace from the Creation to the Redemption.  I did not always stand in the same place.  I moved around among the rays, I saw all.  Ah, I saw inexpressible, indescribable things!

When the combat on earth was over, the church and the angel became bright and shining, and the latter disappeared; the cross also vanished and in its place stood a tall, resplendent lady extending over it her mantle of golden rays.  There was a reconciliation going on inside, and acts of humility were being made.  I saw Bishops and pastors approaching one another and exchanging books.  The various sects recognized the Church by her miraculous victory and the pure light of revelation they had seen beaming upon her… When I saw this reunion, I felt that the kingdom of God was near.  I felt so sensibly the approach of the kingdom of God that I was forced to run to meet it crying tears of joy.

I had a vision of Mary in her ancestors.  I saw their whole stock, but no flower on it as noble as she.  I saw her come into this world.  How, I cannot express, but in the same way as I always see the approach of the kingdom of God with which alone I can compare it.  I saw it hastened by the desires of many humble, loving, faithful Christians.  I saw on the earth many little luminous flocks of lambs with their shepherds, the servants of Him who, like a lamb, gave His Blood for us all.  Among men reigned boundless love of God.  I saw shepherds whom I knew, who were near me, but who little dreamed of all this, and I felt an intense desire to arouse them from their sleep.  I rejoiced like a child that the Church is my mother, and I had a vision of my childhood when our schoolmaster used to say: ‘Whoever has not the Church for his mother, looks not upon God as his father!’ – Again I was a child, thinking as then, ‘The church is stone.  How, then, can it be thy mother!  Yet, it is true, it is thy mother!’ – and so I thought that I went into my mother whenever I entered the church, and I cried out in my vision, ‘Yes, she is, indeed, thy mother!’  Now I suddenly saw the Church as a beautiful, majestic lady, and I complained to her that she allowed herself to be neglected and ill-treated by her servants. I begged her to give me her Son.  She put the Child Jesus into my arms, and I talked to Him a long time.  Then I had the sweet assurance that Mary is the Church; the Church, our mother; God, our father; and Jesus, our brother – and I was glad that when a child I had gone into the stone mother, into the church, and that, through God’s grace, I had thought: ‘I am going into my holy mother!’  Then I saw a great feast in St. Peter’s which, after the victorious battle, shone like the sun.  I saw numerous processions entering it.  I saw a new Pope, earnest and energetic.  I saw before the feast began a great many bad Bishops and pastors expelled by him.  I saw the holy Apostles taking a leading part in the celebration.  I saw the petition: ‘Lord, thy kingdom come,’ being verified.  It seemed as if I saw the heavenly gardens coming down from above, uniting with pure places on earth, and bathing all in original light.  The enemies that had fled from the combat were not pursued; they dispersed of their own accord.

I saw in the shining streets of the city of God brilliant palaces and gardens full of saints, praising God and watching over the Church.  In the Heavenly Jerusalem there is no Church, Christ Himself is the Church.  Mary’s throne is above the city of God, above Her are Christ and the Most Holy Trinity, from whom falls upon Mary a shower of light which then spreads over all the holy city.  I saw St. Peter’s basilica below the city of God, and I exulted at the thought that, in spite of all men’s indifference, it ever receives the true light from on high.  I saw the roads leading to the Heavenly Jerusalem and pastors conducting therein perfect souls among their flocks; but these roads were not crowded.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich –   December 30, 1819

“O who can tell the beauty, the purity, the innocence of Mary!  She knows everything, and yet she seems to know nothing, so childlike is she.  She lowers here eyes and, when she looks up, her glace penetrates like a ray, like a pure beam of light, like truth itself!  It is because she is perfectly innocent, full of God, and without returns upon self.  None can resist her glance.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – December 23, 1819

“I see the Crib and above it, celebrating the feast, are all the blessed who adored the Child Jesus at His birth, all who ever venerated the Holy Place, and all who have gone there even only in devout desire.  They celebrate in a wonderful spiritual church the eve of the Redeemer’s birth; they represent the Church and all who desire the sacred spot to be honored, the holy season celebrated.  Thus acts the Church Triumphant for the Church Militant; and thus should the Militant act for the Church Suffering.  O how indescribably beautiful it is! What a blessed certainty!  I see these spiritual churches all around, far and near, for no power can destroy the altar of God. Where it is no longer visible, it stands invisibly cared for by blessed spirits.  Nothing is perishable that is done in the Church for the love of Jesus!  Where men are no longer worthy to celebrate it, the blessed do it in their stead and all hearts that turn to the service of God are there present.  They find a holy church and a heavenly feast, though their corporal senses perceive it not; they receive the reward of their piety.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – December 23, 1819

I see Mary in Heaven on a magnificent throne offering to Her Divine Son, sometimes as a newborn babe, sometimes as a youth, and again as the crucified Saviour, all hearts that have ever loved Him, that have ever united in celebrating His feast.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – December 23, 1819

“I understood that the Church would be saved only after a great storm.  The fire so frightful to behold indicated in the first place, a great danger; in the second, renewed splendor after the tempest.  The Church’s destruction is already begun by means of infidel schools.”

“I saw combats and streaks of blood far and wide in the heavens over many places, and endless woes and misery threatening the Church, the Protestants everywhere laying snares to entrap her. The servants of the Church are slothful.  They use not the power they possess in the priesthood.  I shed bitter tears at the sight.”   ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – December 23, 1819

Long live the True Church of Jesus Christ, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!

~Damsel of the Faith

They pull the Church down while the SSPX builds it up

Here is Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s vision of Freemasonry tearing down the Church:

I saw St. Peter’s.  A great crowd of men were trying to pull it down while others were constantly trying to build it up again.  Lines connected these men one with another and with others throughout the whole world.  I was amazed at their perfect understanding.  The demolishers, mostly apostates and members of the different sects, broke off whole pieces and worked according to rules and instructions.  They wore white aprons bound with blue riband.  In them were pockets and they had trowels stuck in their belts.  The costumes of the others were various. They were among the demolishers distinguished men wearing uniforms and crosses.  They did not work themselves, but they marked out on the wall with a trowel where and how it should be torn down.  To my horror, I saw among them Catholic priests.  Whenever the workmen did not know how to go on, they went to a certain one in their party.  He had a large book, which seemed to contain the whole plan for the building and the way to destroy it.  They marked out exactly with a trowel the parts to be attacked, and they soon came down.  They worked quietly and confidently, but slyly, figuratively, and warily.  I saw the Pope praying, surrounded by false friends who often did the very opposite to what he had ordered, and I saw a little black fellow (a laic) laboring actively against the Church.  While it was thus being pulled down on one side, it was rebuilt on the other, but not very zealously.  I saw many of the clergy whom I knew.  The Vicar-General gives me great joy.  He went to and fro, coolly giving orders for the repairing of the injured parts.  I saw my confessor dragging a huge stone by a roundabout way.  I saw others carelessly saying their Breviary and, now and then, bringing a little stone under their cloak or giving it to another as something very rare.  They seemed to have neither confidence, earnestness, or method.  They hardly knew what was going on.  It was lamentable!  

Soon the whole front of the Church was down; the Sanctuary alone stood.  I was very much troubled and I kept thinking, ‘Where is the man with the red mantle and white banner whom I used to see standing on the church to protect it?’  Then I saw a most majestic lady floating over the great square before the church.  Her wide mantle fell over her arms as she arose gently on high, until she stood upon the cupola and spread it over all the church like golden rays.  The destroyers were taking a short repose, and when they had returned they could in no way approach the space covered by the mantle.  On the opposite side, the repairs progressed with incredible activity.  There came men, old, crippled, long-forgotten, followed by vigorous young people, men, women, children, ecclesiastic and lay, and the edifice was soon restored. Then I saw a new Pope coming in procession, younger and far sterner looking than his predecessor. He was received with pomp.  He appeared about to consecrate the church.  But I heard a voice proclaiming it unnecessary as the Blessed Sacrament had not been disturbed.  The same voice said that they should solemnly celebrate a double feast, a universal jubilee and the restoration of the church.  The Pope, before the feast began, instructed his officers to drive out from the assembled faithful a crowd of the clergy both high and low, and I saw them going out, scolding and grumbling. Then the Holy Father took into his service others, ecclesiastic and lay.  Now commenced the great solemnity in St. Peter’s.  The men in white aprons worked on when they thought themselves unobserved, silently, cunningly, though rather timidly.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich December 27, 1819

Here’s 2 Bishops tearing down the Church while the SSPX is trying to rebuild the Church.

It is interesting that these Bishops consider the only “enemies” that the Church has are the SSPX.

They are angry that we are not really “excommunicated” so they think they will take care of business by imposing an “excommunication” unjustly, with no reason whatsoever, other than pure hatred for the True Catholic Faith, plain and simple.  They realize their time is short and so is their new religion. In the not too distant future, the True Church will be restored and the SSPX are and will be playing a great part in that restoration of the Church.  Thanks be to God for the Society of St. Pius X!

How is it that the SSPX has no “canonical status” in the Church when heretical Priests, Bishops and Cardinals are allowed to run rampant with no canonical censure whatsoever?  Do they not realize the SSPX is of pontifical right and was canonically established?

“The pope has never suppressed the SSPX: only the pope, not a local bishop, has the authority to suppress a religious order (1917 Code of Canon Law, canon 493 and 1983 Code of Canon Law, canon 616).”

What these Bishops are saying is very grave.  How can you be excommunicated from the Church for being Catholic?  It just isn’t possible.

As the Archbishop said:

If one day they shall excommunicate us because we remain faithful to these thesis, we shall consider ourselves excommunicated by Freemasonry. ~Archbishop Lefebvre, sermon given in 1978

These Bishops tell us that the Society Priests do not have the faculties and, therefore, the jurisdiction, for the Sacraments of Penance and Matrimony.

It is the Church Herself, because of the grave crisis She is in, that supplies jurisdiction, extraordinary jurisdiction.  The extraordinary jurisdiction is given in times of great need.  If the Church isn’t in a state of great need, I shudder to wonder what it will be like when it is. The above article proves this by quoting Canon Law:

“Jurisdiction is ordinarily given by mandate from the pope or diocesan bishop, or perhaps delegated by the parish priest. The priests of the SSPX do not have jurisdiction in this way. Extraordinarily, however, the Church supplies jurisdiction without passing by the constituted authorities. This is foreseen in the 1983 Code of Canon Law:

  • when the faithful think the priest has a jurisdiction which he does not have (canon 144) [common error],
  • when there is a probable and positive doubt that the priest has jurisdiction (canon 144),
  • when a priest inadvertently continues to hear confessions once his faculties have expired (canon 142, §2), and
  • when the penitent is in danger of death (and then even if the priest is laicised or an apostate, even though a Catholic priest is at hand) (canons 976, 1335).

Therefore, the Church, wanting the ready availability of penance,extraordinarily supplies jurisdiction in view of the needs of her children, and it is granted all the more liberally the greater their need.

The nature of the present crisis in the Church is such that the faithful can on good grounds feel it a moral impossibility to approach priests having ordinary jurisdiction. And so, whenever the faithful need the graces of penance and want to receive them from priests whose judgment and advice they can trust, they can do so, even if the priests do not ordinarily have jurisdiction. Even a suspended priest can do this for the faithful who ask: “for any just cause whatsoever” (canon 1335). This is even more the case if a faithful Catholic can foresee his being deprived of the true sacrament of penance from priests with ordinary jurisdiction until he dies. Only God knows when this crisis will end.”

This is a David and Goliath situation. Freemasonry and the enemies of the Faith vs. the SSPX.

Here are the Bishops of the restoration:

Here are some Priests and Brothers of the restoration:

Thanks be to God for the Priests of the Society:

Keep the Faith, Your Excellencies and Fathers.  You fight for Our Lord and His Church, for truth, justice and the Catholic Faith of 2,000 years.  Let nothing stop you, come hell, high waters or false excommunications.  You will be remembered as those splendid warriors of the Church that fought until the last breath for the rights of God and His Church.  Generations to come will remember and thank the SSPX and one day, the Archbishop, Marcel Lefebvre, will be remembered and honored as the great hero, guardian and defender of the Catholic Church in the most unprecedented and catastrophic crisis in her history.

Archbishop Lefebvre once said:

We have to build, while the others are demolishing. The crumbled citadels have to be rebuilt, the bastions of Faith have to be reconstructed; firstly the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of all times, which forms saints; then our chapels, monasteries, our large families, our enterprises faithful to the social politics of the Church, our politicians determined to make the politics of Jesus Christ – this is a whole fiber of Christian social life, Christian customs, Christian reflexes, which we have to restore.

Don’t forget that the Angelic Pope, flanked by the Great Monarch, will one day anathamize this Revolution and we will worship God as we did in ancient days.  Then and only then will the Archbishop finally be vindicated and his detractors put to shame.

Viva Christ Rey!

~Damsel of the Faith