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Damsel of the Faith celebrates 2nd Anniversary


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Dear friends and readers,

The Damsel has requested that I write a post for this day, being exactly two years since our blog featured its first entries.  We thank all of our dear readers very much for their support.  The Damsel and I fully intend to continue providing edifying articles and, of course, to continue spreading the TRUTH for many, many years to come.

Having followed this blog from the beginning, I have always greatly admired its true Catholic spirit.  Even though this apostolate is run on a blog format, it is actually intended to counteract the influence of typical blogs today.  Like most forms of media, the devil is obtaining an ever greater power over the Internet.  Lies, half-truths, and gossip consistently dominate.  Thank God, however, that there are still many sites that faithfully profess what is good and true.  As such, I have always appreciated the manner in which the Damsel writes about the crisis in the Church: with great firmness and strength, but with great charity and fairness.  I am very honored to have met her and to now have the privilege to assist her in her wonderful work for Tradition and the Church.

In our Sacred duty as Soldiers of Christ, let us remember these words of St. Augustine: “Do not despair, one of the thieves was saved. Do not presume, one of the thieves was damned.”  We must not despair!  Our Lord has promised us the victory!  It is assured to us!  Even though there may be a few difficult years ahead, God has meant that we live in this time for a reason- to fight for the restoration of His Kingship and become great saints! And He has given us so many graces, not the least including our faithful traditional Catholic Priests, Religious, and friends!  On the other hand, may we not presume!  Our Lord only promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church herself, not necessarily those Catholics who would lukewarmly trudge through this crisis.  Let us continue to fight the good fight for the restoration of the Church and of Christendom!

Thank you all for your continuing support! May God bless our readers!  Above all, keep the Faith!

~ Steven C., “The Knight of Tradition”


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