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Returning to my parish Church

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On April 7th, Traditional Feast of the Seven Dolors of Our Lady of Sorrows, who is our Patroness, we returned to our parish church from an extremely early morning Mass graciously granted to us by a local funeral home, after the dreadful flood of August 2016. Palm Sunday was joyfully celebrated with a glorious High Mass, for all the blessings and graces that God bestowed upon us. Our patience and perseverance has definitely been rewarded, for our parish is even more beautiful, for the worship of God and the dispensation of grace through the sacraments, that happens within these walls. The backdrop of the Sanctuary has been painted a light blue and the floor in the entire church is a marble white tile, that makes all of the features of the church look stunning. Other upgrades include a small room for a bookstore and the attic has been transformed into catechism rooms and an office.  Our parish may not be a great cathedral but the simplicity of God’s faithful is just as beautiful as Notre Dame, for Jesus Christ dwells in St. Peter’s Basilica just as well as he does in a small hut in Africa.  As long as the faithful give their best to God, he blesses them in the most unexpected ways.

A word from my co-writer, Steven:

“As Our Lady of Sorrows reopens their chapel more beautiful than ever, I wish to tell of the good cheer and fine example of these parishioners. Every Sunday at 7AM, they gathered for Holy Mass in a room of a funeral home, which was generously allowed for their use. For 7 months they attended Mass this way, with Father having to immediately leave a few minutes after. Confusion with the insurance company also caused a sizable delay, but the Pastor and his flock continued to proceed, clinging onto a hope that would appear blind to many. Some families also dealt in the meantime with damaged or even mostly destroyed homes. God has now rewarded this good, truly Catholic parish to celebrate the Sacrifice of Calvary in a most fitting chapel, a culmination of sacrifices offered for THE Sacrifice!”

Our Lady of Sorrows Facebook page:

The article recounting what happened to the church:

Pictures of the restored church, albeit without some of the furnishings and statues when the pictures were captured:





We continually ask the intercession of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, especially during hurricane season, to spare us from future tragedies, to our homes and churches.

~Damsel of the Faith