Continuation of the Prophecies of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich

Prophecies are taken from “The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich” by Carl E. Schmoger.

I have had an indescribable visions on the state of the Church both in general and particular.  I saw the Church Militant under the symbol of a city like the Heavenly Jerusalem, though it was still on earth.  In it were streets, palaces, and gardens through which I wandered and saw processions composed entirely of Bishops.  I recognized the interior state of each.  I saw their thoughts issuing from their mouths under the form of pictures.  Their religious transgressions were represented by external deformity: for instance, there were some whose head seemed to be only a misty cloud; others had a head, but a heart, a body of dark vapor; others were lame and paralytic; others sleeping or reeling.  Once I saw a mitre floating in the air and a hand out of a dark cloud trying repeatedly, but vainly, to seize it.  Under the mitre I beheld many persons not unknown to me, bearing on their shoulders amid tears and lamentations, crosses of all kinds – among them walked myself.  I think I saw almost all the Bishops in the world, but only a few were perfectly sound.  I saw the Holy Father very prayerful and God-fearing, his figure perfect, through worn out by old age and manifold sufferings, his head sunk on his breast as if in sleep.  I often saw him supported by apparitions during his prayer, and then his head was upright.  When it sank upon his breast, then were the minds of many turned quickly here and there; that is, viewing things in a worldly light.  Protestantism was in the ascendancy and religion was falling to utter decay.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – June 1, 1821

I see in the future religion falling so low that it will be practiced only here and there in farmhouses and in families protected by God during the horrors of war.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – June 1, 1821

“I see so many ecclesiastics under the ban of excommunication!  But they seem quite at their ease, almost unconscious of their state; and yet, all join associations, take part in enterprises, or adhere to opinions condemned by the Church, are really excommunicated by that fact itself.  I see such men, hemmed in, as it were, by a wall of fog.  By this we may clearly see what account God makes of the decrees, orders, and prohibitions of the Head of the Church and how rigorously He exacts their observance, while men coolly mock and scoff at them.”   ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – March 22, 1820

On the Angelic Pope and the restoration:

I saw a new, very resolute Pope, and the black abyss gradually closing until the opening was so small that a water pail could cover it.  Lastly, I saw three troops or parishes uniting in the light under holy, enlightened men, and entering into the Church.  The waters again gushed forth; all was renewed, all was living and flourishing, churches and convents were rebuilt.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – April 12, 1820

I think it’s possible that the following Prophecy refers not only to the Synod, but to the tyrannical dismantling of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

I have had another vision on the great tribulation everywhere reigning.  It seemed as if something were enacted from the clergy, something that could not be granted.  I see many aged priests, some of them Franciscans, and one, in particular a very old man, weeping bitterly and mingling their tears with those of others younger than themselves.  I saw others, tepid souls, willingly acceding to conditions hurtful to religion.  The old faithful in their distress submitted to the interdict and closed their churches.  Numbers of their parishioners joined them; and so, the two parties were formed, a good and a bad one.”

The following is a Prophecy about the coronation of the Angelic Pope.

There has been a thanksgiving feast in the spiritual church.  It was filled with glory, and a magnificent throne stood in the middle of it.  Paul, Augustine, and other converted Saints figured conspicuously.  It was a feast in the Church Triumphant, a thanksgiving for a great, though still future grace, something like a future consecration.  It referred to the conversion of a man whom I saw of slight figure and tolerably young, who was one day to be Pope.  I see him below in the church among other pious men… I saw many Christians returning to the bosom of the Church, entering through the walls.  That Pope will be strict, he will remove from him lukewarm, tepid Bishops – but it will be a long time before this happens.  All whose prayers have been instrumental in obtaining this grace were present in the church.  I saw also those men eminent in prayer whom I so often see.  The young man was already in Orders and it seemed as if he were receiving some new dignity.  He is not Roman, though an Italian from a place not far from Rome.  I think he is of a pious noble family.  He travels sometimes.  But before his time there will be many struggles.  It was an indescribably beautiful and joyous festival, and I was so happy!”

The following is an astonishing Prophecy about the attacks of Freemasonry on the Church and the Passion the Church has been undergoing for the past 50+ years.

I have seen that the Church’s distress springs from treason, omissions, and negligences; and, though great is the misery here among us, it is still greater in other places.  I saw priests in taverns, in bad company, and their parishioners dying without the Sacraments; and again I had a vision of how the secret sect cunningly attacks the Church of Peter on all sides.  They used all sorts of tools and ran here and there with the broken stones; but they had to leave the altar standing, they could not carry it off.  I saw them profane and rob a statue of Mary.  I complained to the Pope of his tolerating so many priests among the destroyers, and I saw why the Church was founded in Rome. It was because Rome was at that time the center of the world, the metropolis of nations.  It will stand like an island, like a rock in the sea, when all around it goes to ruin.  Jesus gave this power to Peter and set him over all His Church, because of his fidelity and uprightness.  When Jesus said to him ‘Follow Me’, Peter understood that he, too, would be crucified. As I watched the destroyers, I marveled at their great skill.  They had all kinds of machinery; they did everything according to a given plan.  They made no noise, they noticed everything, profited by everything, had recourse to all kinds of artifice, and the building seemed to disappear under their touch, though nothing crumbled of itself.  Some among them were engaged in reconstructing.  They destroyed the holy and the great, and they built up the empty, the hollow, the superfluous! From some of the altar stones, they made steps at the entrance.   ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – May 1823

This extraordinary mystic saw the current state of the Church in our time.  She prayed and suffered for us because she realized the great loss of souls that would result from the Great Apostasy that would reach the very top of the Church, as we are witnessing today.

St. Michael the Archangel, destroy Freemasonry!

~Damsel of the Faith


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