Archbishop Lefebvre on the Assisi meeting

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“This is a scandal, a public blasphemy: think of the Catholic missionaries in Africa who saw on television the representatives of the animist religions praying in Assisi at the Pope’s invitation…. In what spirit will they be able to continue their arduous work of evangelization among the populations who follow those pagan rituals? If salvation is possible even without conversion to Christ in the Church, and while continuing to adore one’s own false gods, what sense does mission work make? All religions, after all, are equal and good….

If this pope had lived at the time of the Roman persecutions in the early centuries, maybe Christianity would have found a respectable place in the Pantheon of religions.”

~Archbishop Lefebvre, 1987

By participating, advocating and abetting the worship of false religions, the Pope makes a mockery of the sacrifice of the Early Christians, those heroic men, women and children who were subjected to the most cruel and gruesome martyrdom rather than offer one pinch of incense to a false god or, God forbid, deny Jesus Christ.  Those Christians of our day teaching false ecumenism, especially the clerics of the Church who’s solemn duty is to teach the Catholic Faith, deny the superiority of the Catholic Church and ultimately, the Divinity of Christ, for no one can go to the Father except through Him.  By their actions, they prove what they believe and it is not the Catholic Faith.

Our Lady of Fatima is the answer to world peace! Not coexistence and unity with false religions!  Where is the rosary? The Consecration of Russia?  Our Lady is patient and as a loving mother, she continues to wait on us to obey her requests.  How much longer will we ignore her and wound her Immaculate Heart?

Let us pray for the Pope and make reparation for the scandals that he has inflicted upon the Church.

~Damsel of the Faith


On a different note, today is the Feast of my Patroness and Confirmation Saint, St. Therese of Lisieux.  Ora pro nobis, Little Flower!  Happy Feast, everyone!

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